Releases 1

Introduce gen-version Do not use as source Include md5sum of original archive in summary page Do not try to get default time when ftptask Fix character escape typo Change retrace-server httpd config Modify search for existing vmlinux files in cache to handle older kernel-debuginfos Default to hex mode for crash commands involving backtraces. Create directories for tests if they are not present Don't mention old wiki page Fix double call of _fail method Update README Allow any compression of man pages Autogen without args configures for debugging Run 'configure' at the end of 'autogen' Improve autogen to list and install dependencies Avoid circular dependency on kernel-debuginfo for vmlinux files already in cache Add plugin checking action Update documentation of plugin in README Use short form rhel when creating repository Fix methods arguments Move global variables to Recover from missing start/finish task files Change error message in cleanup script Add '-ascending' argument to gdb Use devtoolset-4-gdb when used on RHEL Enable creating repository from faf repository Add 'make check' Correct eu-unstrip parser if FILE is . Not mark packages with different architectures as duplicity Separate worker start_retrace method Add class to wrap plugins accessing Add class to wrap configuration file reading Delete python labels when no python backtrace available Git ignore bytecode Add python backtrace, source and locals into backtrace Move src/lib to src/retrace to make testing retrace-server easier Add "exploitable" into LocationMatch in the httpd.conf Fix invalid syntax error in sys.stderr.print()