903323b the 389-ds-base 1.2.10.a7 release - several bug fixes

Authored and Committed by rmeggins 12 years ago
    the 389-ds-base 1.2.10.a7 release - several bug fixes
    Ticket #262 - pid file not removed with systemd
    Ticket #50 - server should not call a plugin after the plugin close function is called
    Ticket #18 - Data inconsitency during replication
    Ticket #49 - better handling for server shutdown while long running tasks are active
    Ticket #15 - Get rid of rwlock.h/rwlock.c and just use slapi_rwlock instead
    Ticket #257 - repl-monitor doesn't work if leftmost hostnames are the same
    Ticket #12 - 389 DS DNA Plugin / Replication failing on GSSAPI
    6aaeb77 add a hack to disable sasl hostname canonicalization
    Ticket 168 - minssf should not apply to rootdse
    Ticket #177 - logconv.pl doesn't detect restarts
    Ticket #159 - Managed Entry Plugin runs against managed entries upon any update without validating
    Ticket 75 - Unconfigure plugin opperations are being called.
    Ticket 26 - Please support setting defaultNamingContext in the rootdse.
    Ticket #71 - unable to delete managed entry config
    Ticket #167 - Mixing transaction and non-transaction plugins can cause deadlock
    Ticket #256 - debug build assertion in ACL_EvalDestroy()
    Ticket #4 - bak2db gets stuck in infinite loop
    Ticket #162 - Infinite loop / spin inside strcmpi_fast, acl_read_access_allowed_on_attr, server DoS
    Ticket #3: acl cache overflown problem
    Ticket 1 - pre-normalize filter and pre-compile substring regex - and other optimizations
    Ticket 2 - If node entries are tombstone'd, subordinate entries fail to get the full DN.
    (cherry picked from commit 07a1eef2f6ecf9c5ed8a5b6157529ade57126261)
    (cherry picked from commit 4defe0218fa71913d0cd603dfc7ddd6d19b7694a)
    (cherry picked from commit 28f86c18605f5cdaf08f711d3f3f05ecdb872b0d)
    (cherry picked from commit cd5e8cc04b778b3a05c42ec3bcbe5a4c7694b86d)
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