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Authored and Committed by mreynolds 8 years ago
    12420d9 bump version to
    Ticket 556 - Don't overwrite certmap.conf during upgrade
    Ticket 495 - 1.2.11 - plugin dn is missing from pblock
    Ticket 549 - DNA plugin no longer reports additional info when range is depleted
    Ticket 541 - need to set plugin as off in ldif template
    Ticket 541 - RootDN Access Control plugin is missing after upgrade
    Ticket 527 - ns-slapd segfaults if it cannot rename the logs
    39b0938 Coverity Issues for 1.2.11
    Ticket 216 - disable replication agreements
    Ticket 20 - Allow automember to work on entries that have already been added
    7d22bc2 Coverity Fixes
    Ticket 337 - improve CLEANRUV functionality
    Ticket 495 - internalModifiersname not updated by DNA plugin
    Ticket 517 - crash in DNA if no dnaMagicRegen is specified
    Trac Ticket #520 - RedHat Directory Server crashes (segfaults) when moving ldap entry
    Trac Ticket #519 - Search with a complex filter including range search is slow
    Trac Ticket #500 - Newly created users with organizationalPerson objectClass fails to sync from AD to DS with missing attribute error
    Ticket #503 - Improve AD version in winsync log message
    Trac Ticket #498 - Cannot abaondon simple paged result search
    55997a6 Coverity defects
    Trac Ticket #494 - slapd entered to infinite loop during new index addition
    56ebbb2 Fixing compiler warnings in the posix-winsync plugin
    a57d913 Coverity defects
    Ticket 468 - if pam_passthru is enabled, need to AC_CHECK_HEADERS([security/pam_appl.h])
    Ticket 486 - nsslapd-enablePlugin should not be multivalued
    Ticket 488 - Doc: DS error log messages with typo
    Ticket #491 - multimaster_extop_cleanruv returns wrong error codes
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