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This script asserts that Python config vars with compiler options including
one or more -O flags have the last specified -O flag equal to the script's
first argument.

We use it to check that the debug build (as well as extension modules) was
built with a desired optimization level (usually -Og or -O0).

About -O flags:
"If you use multiple -O options, with or without level numbers,
the last such option is the one that is effective."

import sys
import sysconfig

# The flags that currently don't have the -Og flag on the debug build
# and we consider it OK, because we don't know any better :)

print('Expecting that {} is the last -O flag:\n'.format(sys.argv[1]))
ret = 0

for key, flags in sysconfig.get_config_vars().items():
    if key in WHITELIST:
    if isinstance(flags, str):
        oflags = [f for f in flags.split(' ') if f.startswith('-O')]
        if oflags and oflags[-1] != sys.argv[1]:
            print('Problem in {} -O flags: {}'.format(key, ' '.join(oflags)))
            ret = 1
        elif oflags:
            print('{} are OK'.format(key))